dinner menu
brunch menu
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$5 each

or 2 items for $8
apple pancakes with cider sauce
one egg any style & small fried potatoes
apples and oranges
fried potatoes with ketchup
pasta with pecorino
flatbread grilled cheese
panko chicken strips

(served monday through saturday 5pm-9pm)

brazilian cheese bread (pao de queijo)  white miso butter, toasted coriander 2
fried potatoes  caraway salt, horseradish aioli 5
tomato soup  fennel, sweet onions, thai basil 5 +naan grilled cheese 4
roasted turnip soup  white miso, leeks, celery root, toasted caraway 5
falafel  chickpea fritters, marinated cucumber, lemon-tahini sauce 8
sauteed cauliflower  shallots, oranges, feta cheese, pine nuts 9
farmer’s cheese  green olive relish, fried pepitas, toasted focaccia regular 9 large 12
ceviche  avocado, jalapeno, cilantro, citrus, ancho chile, tortilla chips 15
cheese plate  selection of three cheeses, apple butter, pickled vegetables, grilled baguette 16
garden salad  cherry tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, avocado vinaigrette 9 +chicken 5
caesar salad  romaine, shaved pecorino romano, house croutons, caesar dressing 11 +chicken 5
seared pork belly  beech mushrooms, mirin, thai chili 16
griddle burger  american cheese, aioli, lettuce, tomato, house pickles 10 +bacon 2 +potatoes 2
broiled halibut  thai green curry, cucumber and frisee salad  23

lamb kebab  grilled naan, red pepper yogurt, romaine, red onion, tomato, feta  17
pappardelle pasta  cherry tomato, guanciale, nduja, goat cheese, pine nut, basil 21
chicken curry stir-fry  red peppers, onions, coconut curry, thai basil, jasmine rice 19
grilled hanger steak  warm potato salad, blue cheese, chimichurri, carrot slaw 27

beet cake  five-spice frosting, candied ginger, toasted almond 5
lemongrass creme brulee 
ginger snap 6
honey, candied orange, chocolate ganache, mint 6

(served every saturday and sunday 10am-2pm)

 cranberry-lemon bread 2
house made scone...ask about today’s variety 3
sopapillas...honey, candied orange, cinnamon-chocolate ganache 6
brazilian cheese bread (pao de queijo)...white miso butter, toasted coriander 2
fried potatoes...caraway salt, horseradish aioli 5
farmer’s cheese...green olive relish, fried pepitas, toasted focaccia regular 9 large 12
falafel...chickpea fritters, marinated cucumber, lemon-tahini sauce 8
garden side salad...mixed greens, avocado vinaigrette, tomato, cucumber, feta 6
Smoking Goose breakfast meats...maple bacon, sausage patties, city ham 5 each OR all three 14

frittata...city ham, mushrooms, red onion, jalepeno, white cheddar 10
two eggs any style...buttered naan, greens salad 8 +4oz hanger steak 8 +potatoes 2
avocado rice bowl...fried egg, cucumber, sunflower, cilantro sauce 11
biscuits and country sausage gravy 9 +fried egg 2
eggs benedict...fried naan, bacon, sunny egg, hollandaise 11
blackened shrimp and white cheddar grits...red pepper, carrot, sweet onion 13 +fried egg 2
buttermilk apple pancakes...spiced apple cider sauce 9

 BLT on house focaccia 8 +fried egg 2
city ham and cheese on croissant 8 +fried egg 2
griddle burger...american cheese, aioli, lettuce, tomato 10 +bacon 2 +fried egg 2 +potatoes 2
breaded pork tenderloin on grilled naan...napa cabbage slaw, pickles, asian pear sauce 11
naan grilled cheese and tomato soup 9

dinner monday through saturday 5pm-9pm
brunch every saturday and sunday 10am-2pm
108 east market street
downtown warsaw, indiana

​​andrew jones, executive chef, owner
[email protected]

andrew holladay, managing partner
andre[email protected]

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for general inquiries 
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